Help us tear the paper ceiling. The PSAs in this section are available for use free of charge (but cannot be altered or changed in any way). All PSAs can be downloaded through the Ad Council’s website.

Both STARs & Employers

The Paper Ceiling - 11.5x21 (B/W)


The Paper Ceiling - 11.5x10.5 (B/W)

Screenshot 2022-09-20 155549

The Paper Ceiling - 5.6875 x 10.5 (B/W)

Screenshot 2022-09-20 155613


- Employers 7x10

WFR_THDT_Keith - Employers_Mag_Eng_4c_7x10_x1a1024_1

Keith - Employers 11.5x21 (4C)

WFR_THDT_Keith - Employers_News_Eng_4c_11.5x21_x1a1024_1

Keith - Employers 11.5x21 (B/W)

WFR_THDT_Keith - Employers_News_Eng_bw_11.5x21_x1a1024_1


Jeff - STARs 7x10

WFR_THDT_Jeff - STARs_Mag_Eng_4c_7x10_x1a1024_1

Samantha - STARs 7x10

WFR_THDT_Samantha - STARs_Mag_Eng_4c_7x10_x1a1024_1

Jeff - STARs 11.5x21 (4C)

WFR_THDT_Jeff - STARs_News_Eng_4c_11.5x21_x1a1024_1

Samantha - STARs 11.5x21 (4C)

WFR_THDT_Samantha - STARs_News_Eng_4c_11.5x21_x1a1024_1

Jeff - STARs 11.5x21 (B/W)

WFR_THDT_Jeff - STARs_News_Eng_bw_11.5x21_x1a1024_1

Samantha - STARs 11.5x21 (B/W)

WFR_THDT_Samantha - STARs_News_Eng_bw_11.5x21_x1a1024_1

Expiration Date Chart

Please consult this chart for reference on when PSA talent agreements expire. Chart will be updated on a continuing basis.